About Rachetruns

As it turns out, I love running. I never knew – all those PE lessons I bunked off and cross country sessions I used to skive, maybe I should have given it more of a go as now I have no idea how I didn’t have running in my life. Over the last couple of years I have fallen in love with it, gone from not being able to make it round 5k to having trained for and somehow getting round a marathon and I’ve joined a running club – best thing I could ever have done. It has encouraged me to keep at it and get out there regularly, seeing my times improve and give me confidence to sign up to more races and even got me out loving cross country and off road running. It has also given me the opportunity to meet some lovely people who keep me going and make me laugh on a regular basis, anyone considering joining a club – do it. So how did I get here and why am I writing this blog, very good question.  I guess I liked the idea of running and wasn’t enjoying the gym so much and after speaking to a friend at work who ran regularly I thought why not give it a go. A friend of mine was also interested in getting started so we went out for a jog – I say jog, it was more of a walk and a catch up but we did jog to the end of the road. We kept at it and we improved, after each time out I got a boost and I started to add more runs to my week mostly during my lunch break. I did a few 5k’s, then a 10k and signed myself up for a ½ marathon.

The turning point for me was London Marathon; I signed both myself and my husband up for the ballot, what made me do this – I have no idea but it certainly gave me something else to worry about whilst also planning our wedding. I had been to London the previous year to watch a close friend of mine complete the marathon, she raised a lot of money for a charity that meant a lot to her and I saw this as an inspiration.  The atmosphere in London was amazing and you know what – it was our first time of entering the ballot so there’s no way we’d get in. Anyway, we continued to organise our wedding – the best day of our lives came and went and we went on our amazing honeymoon having forgotten about that crazy moment of entering . We did the San Francisco parkrun whilst there, the view of the Golden Gate Bridge one side and Alcatraz Island the other. Only 35 people turned up, 2 of which were Americans the remainder were either British or Australian. Yes it was hot, no it wasn’t particularly quick but the setting was amazing and I’m going to have to go a long way to find a better parkrun (but I’ll give it my best shot). Our honeymoon whizzed by in a flash and before I know it we pull up at home, drag our suitcases from the car and open the front door onto a pile of post feeling deflated and cold; I look down, there’s a magazine – what’s that for we’re not subscribed to anything, oh fu*k “You’re In” is plastered across the front! One of us is in, who is it – I couldn’t find the name on there I was fumbling around in a panic, it’s me oh my god it’s me. I’m in to the London Marathon – this took a few days to process, my husband got his consolation London Marathon jumper and was looking relieved and smug whilst I was sent into a panic.

Now, I like talking about running. A lot. Along with food it’s one of my favourite subjects but as it turns out not everyone is interested in listening to it, I think it bores a lot of my friends and family who have no interest in running and it must drive my husband mad – which is why I have decided to write this blog, so those who are interested can keep reading and for those who are not it may stop me from talking about it so much.