About Rachetruns nutrition

I love food.  There’s no denying it and my favourites have always been crisps, pizza and the occasional need for a chocolate bar.  The trouble with this is it doesn’t help with performance when you are trying to improve your running and strength, not only that but I suffer with IBS which at times has been difficult to live with.  I have to admit there’s been a few dicey runs and believe me that is not fun for anyone involved.  As I have spent a lot of time trying to find the triggers for my IBS I have undergone a vega test for possible intolerances and although there is some doubt about the accuracy of this I have found improvements since making changes to my diet.  Whilst I am undergoing other tests through the NHS, ultimately it’s currently all down to trial and error with my nutrition and there is no doubt about the fact this has an impact on my performance in running and all activities.  Not only does my diet effect my energy levels for training but the impact this has on recovery is becoming very apparent over the last few months.

With a strong interest in this subject and a passion to not only improve my own nutrition but to be able to offer advice to others I am currently studying an advanced diploma in Nutrition and Weight Management.  This diploma is certified by the Association for Nutrition (AfN) at Level 4 of the Health and Social Care Framework. The Nutrition and Weight Management course included within the diploma is accredited by VTCT.

As I develop my knowledge in nutrition and weight management I plan to expand my blog which is why I am in the process of creating an additional page – @Rachetruns Nutrition.

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