Dunton Test Track 10

Having not been to a race for what feels like forever (I appreciate it hasn’t actually been that long), last Sunday I had signed up to the Dunton Test Track 10.  Signing up online was easy and numbers were sent out before the event so there was no hanging about for collection on the day, although as you can imagine the queue for the toilet was a joy as ever.

I knew this was a two lap course and being on a test track I thought it would be a nice flat road route – I was wrong.  Not only were there some nice hills thrown in but the road went up at the edges, it had IT band soreness written all over it.  I tried my best to remain on the flattest part of the road as possible, however this was then gravel which I am not a huge fan of running on.  I still think I am traumatised from the time I stacked it on gravel as a kid, ripped my shell suit and everything.

Anyway, it reminded me that 10 miles is a long way and although I felt some pain in my ab (perhaps from gym work – or the fact I was running on the wonk, who knows) and stopped for water twice (once successfully – damn cups) I only finished 20 seconds slower than my PB time.  I haven’t done any specific training for this race, I have been working hard at club and getting myself down the gym so this has obviously been having the effect I was hoping for.  With my goal of a 10 mile PB in May at the Baddow 10, I am feeling confident that with some extra training I can achieve this.

Lessons learnt:

1) Check out the route before entering the race 🙈

2) Running on the wonk is not great 🤦🏻‍♀️

3) I can’t drink out of a cup and run at the same time 😬

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