Rachet’s Rundown

And finally January has ended, the longest month of the year – it just dragged didn’t it?! I can’t say it was a bad month though, for a start I hit January’s target and have got myself into a routine of hitting the gym 3 times a week which I am enjoying very much!  This will be continuing for the rest of the year.

It’s been a good start for me, I have completed the leadership in running fitness course which I have kept to myself purely for the reason that I am not really ready to use this yet. I am still really keen to train for myself (#selfish) and although I will be assisting with another couch to 5k program shortly and will be happy to help out where I can, I don’t have too many other plans for this at the moment although I am not saying never so watch this space.

Looking forward to February’s goal of an under 25 minute parkrun, now we all know that this month is going to be a short one and is very likely to whizz past in a flash. Luckily enough I have already hit my target 🎉 However, this does not mean I will be putting my feet up and not pushing myself further.  I’ve got March’s goal to look towards and I am keen to increase my speed, a parkrun PB for April feels quite a way off yet so must keep working towards this!

I am also keeping myself busy with my Advanced Nutrition & Weight Management diploma, having now passed my assessment and completed the pre and post-natal nutrition module I am very keen to begin the Nutrition for Sports and Exercise module starting next week. Keep an eye on my website for further details on this, I am really looking forward to getting Rachetruns Nutrition up and running.

On another note, if anyone is after some running clothes or workout gear take a look at https://www.hashtag01.com/ – if you see anything you like you can get a further 20% off using code RACHET20 at the checkout.

Lessons Learnt:

1) I’m fed up of winter 🌧

2) Consistently working hard does equal progress 💪🏼

3) Setting targets helps keep me focused 🎯

4) Turns our I enjoy the gym 🏋🏻‍♀️

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