Run and Talk

At the weekend Saltmarsh Ben who runs the Maldon Soul Runners group put on two additional runs for the talk and run initiative from run together. This is in connection with the time to talk day and to highlight that mental health is more common than most people realise and encouraging people to talk more about the subject.

I feel quite strongly about this and believe that keeping active, whether this be by running, walking, cycling or anyway you enjoy is a very positive way to help deal with mental health. Talking about the issue isn’t necessarily everyone’s cup of tea but by knowing others are having similar feelings and are there to listen is sometimes all you need. I am very lucky to have met some great friends through running who I know will be there to offer a listening ear, a catch up over cake or even run alongside me from anything between 5k and 75miles.

So I wanted to support this initiative and I hoped it would be good to see others come along and give them a chance to talk and run, or just give them the confidence to take that step out the front door to meet likeminded people and get active whilst enjoying the fresh air. I attended the Saturday session after completed the Burnham-on-Crouch parkrun, we met at the coach park at 11am and having spoken to Ben about what to expect for this we would be doing around 3 miles at around 11 – 12 minute miles – perfect for a parkrun cool down.

A group of 6 of us set off on what was now decided to be a 5 mile run…… Everyone did a great job to maintain pace and get round the muddy route whilst enjoying some general chatter which ranged from veganism to achieving goals and we enjoyed some great Phill jokes which are always good to help us round. Well, just over 6 miles later 😲 we made it back to the prom, the route was lovely and I really enjoyed coming along with this group.

I am hoping to pop along to some more of the Maldon Soul Runner groups, if anyone is thinking about it I would say it’s definitely worth giving it a go. All abilities are welcome and you can book yourself on through the runtogether website or check out the FB group to get more information –

Lessons learnt:

  • Never trust saltmarsh Ben’s mile measurements 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • Meeting new people isn’t as scary as you think it is 😬
  • Talking about mental health should never be a negative experience 🙂
  • I am very lucky to have many supportive people in my life 🤗

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