Rachet’s Rundown

The week before Benfleet 15 and I can’t say I was particularly looking forward to it until these photo’s popped up on FB and it reminded me of how much I enjoyed it last year and now I’m a little bit excited!

I haven’t run too much this week, after parkrun and long run Saturday I popped to the gym Sunday (first week of achieving my 3 times a week target). Tuesday was training at club which was a great session but unfortunately I had difficulties with some tummy issues – I did what I could but always disappointed when I can’t really make an effort.  I had a decision to make on Thursday and went for a gym (legs) trip rather than attempting to run – with my tummy still not quite right I knew I would struggle to put all my effort into it, don’t worry I still timed it right so I could make it to the pub 😊.

When I looked out the window and could see the wind and rain coming down I felt even more smug about my decision. I wouldn’t say I am turning into a fair weather runner, or maybe I am but I have a feeling Sunday will be a good test on that one. However, having looked at the weather forecast for parkrun on Saturday:

I’m contemplating a little lay in and then a trip to the gym for a routine including the bike and rower. I think I can pinpoint my recent dislike to running in the rain to this point right here….

Hopefully it won’t take me long to get over that but like I said, let’s see what happens Sunday! I’m enjoying having a change around in my training with incorporating strength and weights, I feel stronger and as strange as it might sound it makes me feel more confident – it will be great to be able to see the difference this can make to me and my running over the next few months.

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