Boxing Day 5 Witham

Last year I got my PB here at the boxing day 5 miler and being so far off this speed wise at the moment – yep I’m blaming Saltmarsh for this still, I have no idea how long I can get away with it for but I am finally feeling proud of this achievement so I will be using it for a good few months yet.

Anyway, I needed something to aim for with the hope of getting some fitness and speed back in 2018 and reviewing the last couple of months parkruns we decided 42 / 42:30 was a good aim.  It was a chilly start and the wind was certainly stronger than I was hoping for, but it was bright I was sure I would warm up once I got going.

The first 2 miles were a steady uphill, its a route I quite enjoy but I did start to doubt myself at mile 3 – I was concerned I had gone out too fast and instead of finding a nice rhythm I started to struggle (reflected in my splits which are all over the place).  I used some counting techniques with my breathing which hugely improved my mental attitude and my running performance and the fact it was down hill for those last 2 miles certainly made a massive difference!  I got a little excited in that last mile having looked at my watch and I did my best to keep pushing forward but I have to admit I stopped for a fast walk when I was crippled (such a drama queen!) with a stitch.  A few deep breaths and then I managed to pick back up into a jog and I did what I could to increase my speed a little as I came through the last 200m.

My watch time came in at 41mins 13secs, this is just 2 seconds slower then my PB which I am really chuffed with! I didn’t expect that and it’s given me a bit of confidence for future running 😁.

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