Rachet’s rundown

I know I have been a little quiet this week which I apologise for, I have no excuses for this other than I threw my toys out of the pram last week and my mojo went flying out with them.  I couldn’t find it, I am not sure I have it back even now but I have picked up a little and feel like I can at least write up about my week.

The less we talk about last weeks parkrun the better, I’m just glad there were toilets on route – enough said.  We then went on to make the run up to 11 miles, this was with the NYE marathon in mind which to be completely honest with you I have been trying to put out of my mind for the last month or two.  I have to admit it really wasn’t my best longer run, I was miffed from my parkrun performance and I really let it get into my head and under my skin.  Just pointless really, its not got me anywhere other than moody and possibly one of the worse running partners out there!  Who wants to spend an hour or two with a moaning miserable cow when they could be having a laugh and a giggle whilst running the miles away (I apologise ladies, it won’t happen again – New Years resolution is to lighten up).

Tuesdays club run slightly improved my mojo, it was a fun Christmas session which a couple of the coaches put on – everyone really enjoyed it and we appreciate the efforts of the coaches doing this for us.  It was finished off with a handful of quiz type questions and then we went to a local pub for a little drink and buffet, its great to socialise with others from the club away from running so I have to say I enjoyed it.

Wednesday I entered a new gym for an induction, I have no idea why I was nervous about this – I have been in gyms before and its a standard thing to do but I guess you know what I am like by now 🙄 once again I was glad I got on with it and did it.  After the induction was finished and I had been shown how to use all the machines I had a workout with coach Clarke who helped me out with the free weights and then did some boxing pad work before finishing up with some ab work.  I really enjoyed this workout and woke up feeling great Thursday morning it wasn’t until about midday that the full on aching hit me!  I love that feeling, I know that makes me a little odd but there’s nothing better than the feeling you get when you have completed a hard workout.  I am looking forward to getting back down there for another session and I am hoping to start seeing my body shape change in the new year – fitter, stronger and faster.

Today was the first of a 4 day run streak for me so lets hope that mojo is ready to come back out for me.  Parkrun was never going to be sub 25, it just wasn’t going to happen so instead of chasing after something which I knew wasn’t there I still put an effort in and did a good run but nothing I will be breaking any records with. I started ahead of Phill which meant I had to keep pushing forward so he wasn’t going to catch me up, every time I glimpsed behind me I could see him close by and then right towards the end I heard Luke approaching.  I thought I would do my best to keep as close to him as I could and I may have opened up my stride for a fast finish – thanks Luke, I appreciate the encouragement.

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