Rachet’s Rundown

It’s all fun and games in the snow until you are unable to run and then it’s not so funny. Luckily for me I had already made the decision to rest on Sunday so I was pretty relieved (smug 😁) that the cross country was cancelled which meant I didn’t actually miss out on one of the runs.  I wasn’t finding it so great when I was unable to get to my sports massage on Monday or go to run club on Tuesday!  I knew I had to do some form of exercise; my brain needed it more than my body so I decided to go to one of the virtual spin classes that they hold at my gym.

These spin bikes should come with a health warning, despite wearing my padded pants I still walked (in a strange manor 🙈) away with a tender backside and undercarriage –not ideal. The class itself was ok, if I am honest I found it a bit cheesy and if you haven’t been to a spin class before I wouldn’t go to one of these as your first attempt.  I also ventured into the gym after my class to do some strengthening work, it was busy and I wasn’t a fan – I think it’s time to cancel my membership.

Wednesday I had another go at some boxing pad work and strengthening which I am loving more and more each time I give this a go, it’s definitely something I am going to continue with and I really think this will benefit me with some all-round body conditioning and strengthening. Not only this but I have also been cleaning my nutrition up over the last few weeks so I hope to see an improvement on my overall body and fitness within the next couple of weeks.  This is something I have wanted to do for ages but have never quite been able to get there, now I really think I can keep at it with a little help from my friends.

Thursdays run at club was a little on the icy side so I ran with caution although the session was a great one which I hope to do again when perhaps my body is less achy and the ground is less slippery! With the NYE marathon creeping up on me I should really do a long run this weekend 🤦🏻‍♀️ – I am thinking of starting Saturday off with a parkrun (under 25 is the aim 🤞🏼) and then a long run…

Lessons learnt:

  • Although hibernating through the winter sounds like a great idea I think I would get bored, and hungry 😴
  • Eating some protein with every meal / snack isn’t as difficult as you think it is 🍗
  • Carbs are not evil, carbs are required for energy and if you are working out this is essential 🍠
  • 7 Layers is about enough after a cold evening training run 😬
  • Rachet gets moody if she has anything longer than a 2 day rest 😤

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