Rachet’s Rundown

Mondays, no one likes a Monday do they – wanna know my secret, book in a sports massage. It gives me that little something to look forward to after the first day back in the office, releases tension from the weekends running and sets you up for the week ahead.  A great club session started the training week off on Tuesday, intervals you’ve got to love them.  In fairness I really enjoyed it (in that, this is really hard, I can barely breath kind of way) and I put the effort in to try and remain within the group.

So Wednesday I had scheduled in a 5 mile run, hoping to achieve 8:30 min miles which turns out to be a little (a lot) on the optimistic side after a 7 mile interval session the evening before.  Managed about 2.5 miles and a play about with my heart rate before coming to terms with the fact it wasn’t going to happen.  Instead, we gave some boxing pad work a go and I loved it!!  I really did enjoy giving this a go, it was a lot of fun and used different muscles than I am used to, I thought it was going to be embarrassing but once I stopped caring if anyone could see me I completely forgot where I was and just concentrated on my 1,2’s! I am hoping I can incorporate this into a weekly work out.

Thursday turned into a rest day, not a planned one but unfortunately sometimes other things come up and it can’t be helped.  With the aim of continuing to improve my parkrun times each Saturday I was pretty disappointed that I didn’t achieve it this week.  Lots of outside factors contributed but ultimately I didn’t push myself as hard as I could or should have done if I wanted to improve my time. I also had a dreadful run Sunday, this was supposed to be a longer run of 14/15 miles – we did 9.5, completely my fault for basically having a CBA attitude.  I didn’t have the energy and was generally not feeling it, I can keep putting this down to Saltmarsh as much as I like but we all know its time I got on with it.

So, with the marathon on NYE in mind I should really look towards doing some more miles next weekend but do you know what, I am tempted to block Sunday out to “do nothing”.  I am going to be honest and tell you I don’t know if this will happen, it’s not something I would normally do but I wonder if its what my body needs.  Lets see how the week goes and I will take it from there.

Lessons learnt:

  1. Compression socks are the best way to keep your tootsies warm, I think they help recovery too 🧦
  2. If you don’t eat after a training run you will wake up the next morning wanting to eat your own arm 🤷🏻‍♀️
  3. When you don’t clean your trail shoes after your last xc run they will still be damp and have a musty smell 😖
  4. Having a fellow club member chase you on an interval training session in the dark whilst shouting “Rachet I am coming to get you” definitely makes me run faster 😳

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