Routine, I think it’s a key part of training – especially for me as I find I generally stick to things and work well with a routine in place. I appreciate sometimes things change, but if I can put a plan together it really helps me to get out there and get things done.  This explains the spreadsheets 🤓.  I understand it doesn’t work for everyone but if you want some consistency in your training then I really think it’s the best way to start, you can adapt the routine to work for you and your training needs.

Not only does it help me get out there and get things done but mentally I feel happier, more in control and relaxed knowing what is coming up over the next week. It’s time to put this into practice with my nutrition as well as my training, I’ve attempted the odd food plan in the past but I found I didn’t stick to it or was eating the same thing week after week. So, a new spreadsheet is required 🤪 and not only that but as I have now completed some of my nutrition course I can put this into practise ensuring I eat enough calories through a varied and balanced diet.

Everyone seems to spend a lot of time talking about how far they ran on their training run, how fast they did it in but very rarely do you get the whole picture from these details. Each to their own when it comes to training, what will work for one will not always work for another, but I truly think consistency is important and it’s not just down to speed and distance we need to start looking at the bigger picture.  Nutrition has a huge impact on how your body will cope with training sessions and we’ve all learnt how important stretching, strength training, resting and recovery is (some had to learn this the hard way 🙋🏻).

I appreciate how boring this sounds, but it really doesn’t have to be – it’s your plan so you work it round your life and if you have a spontaneous night out, weekend away etc. you work around it, enjoy yourself and then get back on it 👍🏼 I’ll keep you posted on my spreadsheet updates, I know you all love to hear about it 😉.

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