Rachet’s Rundown

Another great week of training, starting off with hills on Tuesday which led to some heavy legs and a tired Rachet.  Unfortunately I was unable to make the trail run on Wednesday this week, although this turned out not to be a bad thing when I had a double run on Thursday.  At lunch time I really enjoyed a 5k with the works couch to 5k group – although this has now been completed a club has been formed to do a couple of 5k runs a week in the hope this will encourage the group to continue running.  Although I am unable to help out every week I really enjoyed being a part of this and it is great to see these runners improve so much.  This led on to a tough training session in the evening which involved efforts, it was good in that hard, my legs are heavy and don’t want to move kind of way.

My parkrun mission continued on Saturday, having missed it last week my aim was to improve on my previous time of 26mins 44seconds.  Not only this but my training buddy gave me an extra goal to aim for which meant I had to push it that little bit harder, he was there to encourage me along which meant I finished happy (admittedly feeling slightly sick) and a good minute quicker that the last time I ran parkrun.  Mission accomplished!  The only problem with this is its going to make next week even harder.

Taking a look at my stats (yep I am going to get geeky here 🤓), I am well impressed with my negative splits again this week – something I really struggle to do when I am on my own:

rt rate was what I would expect from a 5k, mostly within Zone 5 – compared to my long slow run on Sunday which was within Zone 3 for the majority of the run.

g on from the stats, I did have to sacrifice the third xc run in the 53-12 league this weekend for a longer run Sunday.  It has dawned on me that although I am concentrating on speed right now and am more keen to do shorter, road runs I do have an off road marathon booked in for New Year's Eve 😬. You know, the one where I have encouraged, begged and pushed Zoe and Tina into signing up for 🤦🏻‍♀️ yeah thatone.

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