Rachet’s Rundown

This little run down is actually from last week so I apologise for the lack of posting, however I had a lazy weekend and did not run one step. For. Four. Whole. Days.  Shock, horror – I won’t be making a habit out of it!

Another good week on the training front last week, a good speed session at club on Tuesday in which I found myself chasing a lot of quicker runners but this is no bad thing as it inspires me to improve.  I’d rather not be at the back of the pack, although to be honest someone has to be and I can’t say it caused me to cry into my cornflakes – worse things can happen. The competitive side of me would like to see me getting quicker but I’m only really interested in being quicker than myself, although I have to admit I can’t help but keep en eye on the one in front always aiming to get passed.

I am interested in taking a closer look at heart rate training, unfortunately my Garmin doesn’t have a heart rate monitor at the wrist and I do not get on well with the chest straps at all (they fall off!).  I did consider going back to my Apple watch but because the battery is so poor and I really prefer to see a bigger screen with more information on when running I wasn’t too keen.  Instead I have managed to borrow a TomTom, having only ever used a Garmin before as a specific running watch I really wasn’t sure how I was going to get on with this.

To be honest, when I first put it on I had no idea how to get it started or how to use it but I did the classic of just pushing plenty of buttons and somehow I managed to get it going!  For this first run I also had my Garmin on and both watches picked up a signal at the same time. Although I hadn’t had a chance to figure out how to swap screens to view info I had some assistance and the main screen was literately a big heart rate reading.  This was all I needed for this particular training, once I got home and downloaded the TomTom app on my phone I was able to transfer the data for more detailed information, which I also managed to get to sync to my strava.

Before my next run I managed to have a little play and get more familiar with how to change the screen view etc.  I did noticed that when viewing the heart rate data you can also view the average speed of that mile and further details if you squint hard enough and have good enough eyesight that you can see very small text.  In all honesty the TomTom is a nice watch, screen is a good size and although I have never given anything else other than a Garmin a chance, I wouldn’t be put off a watch like this in the future.

However, saying that, I have for C Chris Christm (Nope, I can’t bring myself to say it) ordered myself a new Garmin Forerunner 235. This is mainly because it was on a decent deal (www.wiggle.co.uk) and I am familiar and comfortable with the Garmin layout and settings.  I may also have ordered some new road trainers 😬 (see what happens when I don’t run 🤦🏻‍♀️).

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