The Hobble Trail run

On Sunday myself and Zoe made our way over to galleywood for the hobble trail run, there was a 6 and a 12 mile option. This was my longest run since Saltmarsh and I have to admit I felt it 🤦🏻‍♀️ I’m not going to lie, as I was in the queue at the start I was quite seriously considering going for the shorter distance. But, then the flitch way marathon was in the back of my mind and I really needed to get some miles back in my legs (what am I thinking?!).

So, we went for the 12 🙄. It started off well, the instructions were easy to read and very clear, we’d had some rain the night before so the ground was nice and muddy, soft and squidgy – just the way trails should be 😁. I was enjoying it, getting into a nice pace and having some chats and giggles along the way. We concentrated on the instructions and everything was going well, we spotted some other runners going off on the 6 mile route but at only 3 miles in all was good.

We spotted some old ruins through the hedge at about mile 5, thinking this would be a good photo opportunity we tried to get closer but unfortunately there was no way to get through to them. We stopped for a bite of cliff bar and began some good conversations, the trail started to finally go downhill so we enjoyed the motion and picked back up into a jog. It wasn’t until we got to the end of the road that we took another look at the instruction and realised they no longer made sense. We continued to the left in the hope we’d just missed a point off the instructions but it soon became clear we’d gone wrong somewhere 🤦🏻‍♀️. We took a u turn and then had to climb back up the hill we’d just enjoyed running down, it was at about this point I really wished I’d gone for the 6 miles instead of the 12.

But we cracked on as best we could, well when I say the best we could I certainly slowed Zoe right down as I was generally getting tired and my legs getting heavier and heavier. We’d adopted a lot of walking but we also made sure we concentrated harder on the instructions after the little mishap we’d already had. Finally, with freezing cold hands and a rumbly tummy we made it back to the pub after what felt like a very long 13ish miles (why do 12 when you can do 13?!).

I can’t say this was one of my most enjoyable runs, although the route and company were great and we did have such a good laugh “at the end of the road we’ve got to turn right”, “so why are you going left Zoe?”, “Yeah – good point” 😂😂. In fairness I had 3 tough runs during the week so to expect to crack out a decent 12 miles was just a little optimistic, plus I’m sure I still have some Saltmarsh in the legs (I don’t know how long I can keep using this but I’m going to keep with it for as long as I can – did I mention I did 2 ultras in 2 days??). I’m quite happy to continue working hard to increase my speed and enjoy the long runs without worrying about a time and fingers crossed with increased fitness I’ll find the long runs less of a struggle.

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