Rachet’s Rundown 

It’s been a tough week training wise, mostly due to the fact I’ve made the decision that it’s time to start putting some more effort in. If I’m keen to get some speed back I need to do the training to get myself there, so its time to do just that. I know I’m a long way off at the moment but I’m also pretty sure if I do things right I can get myself where I want to be (well, as close to where I want to be as possible 😂). 

So, after two good training sessions in the week (one tummy issue that is best not talked about) and a great night at Benton Hall for our annual presentation evening which included a couple of vodkas 😬, I managed to get myself to parkrun. I met Phill there and we had a lovely warm up run to the start managing to get there by the skin of our teeth, to be fair there’s no need to hang about at the start is there. 

I tried to stick with Phill as best I could but I have to admit it was a bit of a struggle, the first mile felt fine and even the second mile I thought I could just about maintain and then the third mile hit. It was just as we came out of the trees for the second time I was struggling and could feel Phill was getting away from me, I kept trying to tell myself there wasn’t far to go – I know this route well I just had to keep up.

When I reached the point of barely being able to breath I could no longer hide the fact that I was finding it difficult and Phill managed to help me get my breathing back into a rhythm and offered great advice and encouragement as always. There was no sprint finish this week as I’d used everything I had to get me round that last mile but I was really chuffed when I checked out my splits to see they were negative – something I can’t seem to do on my own but a great way to run a race. Moving forward the aim is to improve my time by a few seconds each week – lets see how I get on 😬.

I’ve got to say after a great day Friday and then this good run Saturday morning it made for a happy Rachet over the weekend 😁.

Negative splits 😀
Fastest Maldon parkrun time this year 😀

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