The Saltmarsh Toe

It’s off 🤢 the nail is off 🤦🏻‍♀️ I don’t think it’s ever going to be the same again. It’ll always be known at “The Saltmarsh Toe”. I’m quite traumatised by the hour I’ve just spend trying to smarten it up in preparation for the weekends running. I just thought I’d trim my nails back to prevent any further damage and then it happened, it came away from the skin and it was hanging off 😩.

There’s no need to go into any further detail on this one, many of us have been there, all I’d say is I dealt with it terribly. I had to have a lay down for a while before I could finish the job off. 🤢

One thought

  1. Ah, Black Bobs! I had a recurring nail thing years ago ….. 2nd toe, right foot …. it would go black after a few hard runs and then eventually drop off. Once it had re-grown, exactly the same thing would happen all over again. Apparently these things are known as Black Bobs. Doesn’t happen to me any more – partly because I do fewer road miles these days,and partly because I am no longer a bouncy young buck running up on my toes! Black Bobs were sometimes rather painful, but it would be nice to be running fast enough to get them again….(wistful face).

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