Cross Country 53-12 Writtle

This Sunday was the first in the 53-12 cross country series at Writtle.  Having done this last year it was great to start the season off again, with a bit of a later start and with the clocks going back it meant I got a much needed lay in. We got parked and met the rest of the crew, with a huge turnout of 37 club members this was just amazing and possibly a club record attendance.

I have to admit I was feeling a little nervous for this run, after the previous days parkrun I knew it wasn’t going to be easy and I always want to do well at these cross countries.  Not only that but I had no idea how my toes were going to take being put in my trail shoes, the one’s I haven’t worn or cleaned since last summer 🤦🏻‍♀️ (don’t worry I gave them a brush over that morning). So, anyway I had decided to follow a game plan of starting out slow and then hoping that towards the end of the race I would be able to overtake any runners who had gone out too quickly.  I thought perhaps I could get negative splits (inspired from the previous days parkrun).

The minute the race started that game plan went out the window 🙈.  I could really do with working on that!! My splits were all over the place and my first mile was one of my quickest, the classic going off too quickly and then realising I just didn’t have it in my legs for this pace.  Anyway, the course was lovely – probably one of my favourites with there being some woods to run through, a few hills (gotta love them! 😁) and a lovely bog to run through.  Normally this would be great, but my toes didn’t really agree with that this weekend. I also found the area around the lake particularly difficult because this was on a sideways slope, not great on the ankles.

Anyway, Zoe dragged me round that last mile and I truly did enjoy running in with Zoe and Tina its always a pleasure to run with these guys.  I do feel like I am completely out of form at the moment so I hope to be able to improved on my cross country runs as the season goes on.  Having come in with a token 83 this week, my aim will be to increase this number as the series goes on – fingers crossed I can achieve that.

Running the cross country at the weekend reminded me how much I love it, it also reaffirmed that I really need to improve form and fitness.  I am happy to say my mojo is back 😀 and I have plans to enjoy and improve over the season ahead, cross country and parkruns here I come!


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