My runners high must be so high that I can’t reach it, I’ve completed 2 ultra marathons in 2 days and yet I’m not elated, I’m not running around the place with my medal on and boring people with stories of the weekend. Instead I’m nursing manky toes and a bruised foot and to be quite honest I think I’m suffering from the post race blues. I did not expect this. I don’t like it.  I thought I’d be so happy to have achieved what I didn’t think was possible, I mean come on I’ve completed Saltmarsh75 – why am I not happy?!

Maybe it’s because I’m so tired, or because my toes feel so sore or because my foot is a little painful to walk on and I have concerns along with my knee issues that it may take longer than the week I was hoping for to be able to run again. I’m not stupid (well, I am a bit), you know I did realise I would be in pain after this – the blisters and the aches and pains they were always going to happen. I also knew I’d be tired but my god this is ridiculous! I’m struggling to get through the day without a nap, I’m also struggling to get through an hour without eating a meal or two – how can I be soooooooo hungry?! Two breakfasts and two dinners along with many a snack, this has got to stop 😂. I’m sat here having munched my way through half a loaf of bread!! Dry. From the packet 🤦🏻‍♀️.

I’ve not been for a run since “that” weekend and during the week I haven’t found it too frustrating as I was just so damn tired I didn’t find it too hard to come in from work, have a lay down and eat the cupboards bare. This weekend however it’s started to become a little more difficult, missing parkrun on Saturday felt disappointing but I spent some time putting my parkrun tour plans together and adding them into the spreadsheet ready for a November start. I ended up feeling quite lazy and down towards the end of the week, not once did I feel like the bad ass ultra marathoner I’d expected 🙄.

Today I woke up with a better attitude, although I wasn’t able to run the Wix 5 I went along with Tina and Zoe to support the Tiptree runners. I did wish I was running it myself but I knew I was doing the right thing (seeing as I still wasn’t comfortable in trainers I didn’t have much choice!). I started up my strengthening and stretching routine again, the least I can do is get myself ready for some running next week.

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