The weekend before 😳

So, it’s been a good weekend of running as I finally managed to get myself to my local parkrun – it’s been too long since my last one, we worked it out at being at least 6 weeks ago but don’t worry I have a plan to improve on this in November.  Myself Zoe J and a Tina enjoyed a nice run round and I really enjoyed being back, got to love the feel of a parkrun.

This was followed by an off roadish 10miler on Sunday when I was lucky enough to have Tina and Zoe G’s company – the Trio 😊.  We kept it slow and steady and although Zoe seemed to have trouble staying on her feet 🙊 I was concentrating extremely hard to be careful with my footing as the fear of injury is beginning to spiral out of control. If I could wrap myself up in cotton wool for this week I would! ​

My next set of replies are from Jon Bourne know as @elbonio23 on Twitter:

1) Tell us a bit about yourself and how you got into Ultra running.

I am Jon Bourne aged 41 from Llanelli, an occasional runner who frets too much about running, have run a few half marathons and 10ks and have yet to run a marathon even though i have done an ultra. I got into Ultra running as there is a company called Goevent Wales which put on an Ultra in my area and it was too good an opportunity to turn down. I also knew a few people who were doing it and thought i would give it a go.

2) When, what and how far was your first Ultra? Tell us a bit about it / add pictures if you have any.

My 1st Ultra was on 30th April 2017 and it was the St Illtyds 50k. It was the best race i have ever taken part in and it is such a great route. Even yhough it was so long it was so enjoyable and i have signed up to do it again next year !! The organisation of the race was really good and the marshalls and food stations were fantastic, highly recommend the race to anyone. (see attached photos)

3) Which Ultra would you now put down as your favourite and why?

I would put down the St Illtyds 50k as my favourite ultra as its the only one i have done (so far)

4) Do you follow a training plan?

I don’t follow a training plan, i have tried a few times but can’t seem to stick to them and beat myself up if i miss a run and let it get to me a lot.

5) What advice can you give for those looking to complete their first Ultra?

If you are looking to complete your 1st ultra i suggest you look at nutrition and hydration and, also on the day, make sure you keep moving as every step takes you closer to the finish. Also – enjoy it !!

6) What fuel do you take on when running long and how often?

I use water and sometimes cereal bars and have used mars bars and peanut m&ms on my longer runs.

7) What is the best equipment / clothing you have every purchased for running?

The best piece of equipment i purchased was the Garmin Forerunner 235 as it helped me get my pace and heart rate right for longer runs as i used to burn out towards the end of runs and it was a real struggle but the HR training helped me so much.

The best piece of clothing i have bought is my Salomon racing vest, so lightweight and it fits all the mandatory kit without feeling too heavy.

8) What would be your dream race?

My dream race would be the New York or Boston marathon. I would also love to try the MDS or the Barkely marathon although i know both are a long long way off and will remain a dream.

9) In one word describe how we can expect to feel whilst completing our first Ultra.


10) Favourite re-fuel food?

My favourite re-fuel food is pizza or cake (lots of it).

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