Fuelling with a Clif Bar – Crunchy Peanut

This weekend I gave the Clif bar a go, not all of them are citric acid, dairy, chocolate free so I have to be careful with which ones I can have.  After spending what felt like hours in Tesco’s looking at every ingredient of these bars, I came across the crunchy peanut one – they aren’t cheap at £1.60 each but I am pretty sure they can be bought in bulk online.

I’ve got to say they tasted good, a little bit dry but I wonder if that’s going to be the case with anything eaten on the go.  They had a nice texture – I like that it had a crunch to it as many bars seem to be a bit soft, and the flavour was great.  I would definitely have these again although I am going to have to try and find them cheaper as I do think they are too expensive for what they are. I’d even go as far as saying I enjoy eating these and look forward to taking a bite. They are a firm 9/10 for me and for anyone without intolerances they do plenty of different flavours to try.

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