Rachet’s roundup

Quite a nice roundup for me this week, with couch to 5k over 3 lunch times and my normal training sessions with TRR I have also taken part in a static cycle challenge.  This was in connection with cycle to work day (although I didn’t actually cycle to work), the idea was to put your name down for 10minute slots throughout the day in the hope we would achieve 75miles between us.  I went for 2x 10min slots, now if I want to be completely honest with you I would tell you that I originally put my name down for 30minutes – I then went on the bike for 10minutes and decided I was being way too optimistic and reduced it to 20!!  I am glad I had given the bike a go before the challenge so I knew what to expect, I find it really tough and not the most comfortable – even with padded pants on!  I managed 6.5 miles in my 20mins which I am really happy with and we managed to reach nearly 100 miles between us so challenge completed!!  I have got to admit I enjoy using the static bike and really do need to make an effort to try and either get to the gym to give spin another go or get on this one at work more regularly, I think it would do my fitness the world of good and would hopefully assist with improving my running.

Saturday I had planned to get myself to my local parkrun which I have not been to for what feels like an age, although in reality its probably only been about a month. I did really want to go this week as I am missing it, but come Friday lunch time after another couch to 5k session I just felt like my body needed a days rest (when I say rest I mean a walk round the zoo for hours).  Gotta listen to your body at times like this the last thing I want to do is overtrain and pick up an injury or burn myself out. So a lay in was had and I felt well deserved.  I did however have time to put together a nice little spreadsheet of local (ish) parkruns which I would like to complete and I think I may have roped in a buddy to come along with me “Rachet and Clarke on Parkrun tour” !

Sunday was an early start for a nice route along the seawall from Tollesbury to Salcott and then back to Tiptree through Five Lakes.  This included the last stretch of the saltmarsh route so it was good to give this a go and I really enjoyed it, it was a lovely morning for it starting off foggy and brightening up half way towards Salcott.  I was thinking about how I would be feeling on this stretch when doing saltmarsh and imagining myself crawling along the final leg – fingers crossed I make it that far.  It was great to have a few of us head out together, some doing an out and back and myself, Tina and Jo continued on to make it up to almost 14miles.  Running together is far more enjoyable than running alone on these long runs and I really do appreciate having the company for this training.

Lessons Learnt:

  1. Crunchy peanut clif bars get the 👍🏼
  2. I need to eat before I get hungry and not wait until I am hungry 🍫
  3. 75 miles is a f*cking long way 😳
  4. I really don’t want the seawall to beat me #stubborn 🤦🏻‍♀️
  5. I MUST stretch more 🙄

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