Long Sunday run

My Sunday long run this week was a last minute change of plan from the cycle for cake, this was mostly because I can’t eat cake and the thought of cycling for nothing didn’t appeal to me.  Instead I would prefer to run so that is what I did, however this meant I was going to be going alone.  I wanted my longer run to be around the 10mile mark but then I got an email from Strava “join the challenge” was all I could see and before I knew it I’d clicked the button to join “The Great 13.1 Record”.

This was basically an attempt to set the world record for the most half marathons run in a single day.  Strava have partnered with the SimplyHealth Great North Run, the world’s largest 13.1, to kick things off.  Then Strava runners from around the world will keep it going all day.  It doesn’t matter where you are or how fast you go (good job 😂).

So that was it, my distance for my long run would be about 13.1.  For the first time in pretty much forever I stood out the front of my house doing a little warm up without a route planned.  I thought I would just run around some of my usual routes until I hit about the 13mile mark, I hadn’t really considered how hard I would find it running on my own and continually running when I have been doing a lot of run / walk training of late.  The first few miles were absolutely fine, I got caught up in a Triathlon taking place and so I was occupied by watching the cyclists and runners going on their way – I even got a cheer from one of the marshals 😁.  I started to get bored at about the 10k mark, my music wasn’t really doing it for me anymore and road running just doesn’t compare to the trails and off road I have mostly been enjoying lately.  It really didn’t help that I was on my own.  I think I did well not to break into a walk until I reached Cromwell Hill, this was at about the 9 mile mark and if I had not signed up for that damn Strava challenge I would probably have gone home right then!!  Instead I managed to run / walk the remaining 4 miles which in fairness there was more running than walking but I had many arguments going through my head about it.  After the way I felt on Sunday I have no idea how I ever got my PB at a half marathon, I know that I have been slowing my pace to run my longer runs recently but my speed has well and truly done one.  I think maybe I will need to work on this after SM (OK, yes I need to concentrate on one thing at a time and really should worry about getting to the end of this one first 😬).

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