Essex Way Relays

The Essex Way relays is a team event which has 10 legs of varying distances to cover from Epping Station to Harwich Old Lighthouse – a total of 82 miles:

We had managed to get 4 teams together which is a fantastic turnout for the club, it was great to see so many members getting involved.  As this was my first time taking part in the event I had no idea what to expect from any of the legs, myself and Zoe asked to be put together so it was nice to be able to run and read instructions as a pair. I’ve got to say, I think our reading and running skills are improving and yes in fairness we did do a recce last weekend but I have to say we did pretty well without adult supervision.  The instructions were clear and we had some memory of the route from the previous week, it was a lot cooler this weekend which I think helped us just crack on with it.  I can’t really rave about the route, it was pretty average with quite a bit of road in it and a few fields to cross but there were some amazing views along the way.  I always like to look up and see a great landscape, it’s something that always makes me smile and I also enjoy seeing nature along the way – sheep, alpacas, horses, cows it had it all.  There appeared to be a lot of faster runners doing this leg and had I been on my own I think I would have felt like I needed to try and keep up with them which was never gonna happen!  I was really relieved to have been doing this one with Zoe which meant I kept calm and maintained a sensible pace.  Seeing as we ended in Dedham we felt it was only right that we stopped off in the pub for a jacket spud.

I definitely fancy being part of this again next year,  it would be nice to try out a different leg or to be honest I would be happy to do this one again.  I was pleased we did the recce beforehand as it really helped on the day, I would definitely want to do that again – although I think these can be printed off from at any time so it could be a good idea to keep this in mind for a change of scenery.


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