Fuelling those long runs

As part of trying to get to the bottom of my IBS issues (yes, the bottom of – ha ha🙄), this week I have had a food allergy/intolerance test using an electrical resistance test.  I am not going to lie this was a bit strange, but I have heard good outcomes from everyone I have spoken to that have had the same test carried out.  The list of foods to avoid isn’t going to make my life easy, but my only concern right now is to get the IBS under control. I am thankful that my main foods – pasta, potatoes, rice and bread are all ok so my meals won’t be too tough (when eating at home, eating out on the other hand – lets not even go there 🤦🏻‍♀️).

What I really need to work on over the next few weeks is going to be fuelling for runs, especially those long runs which need some eating on the go.  As I have covered in one of my previous posts I have been having Promax bars on my recent long runs – unfortunately these contain chocolate and milk protein which means I am back to square one.  I am currently one of those nutters who checks the back of every product before buying anything, I do not recommend coming shopping with me unless you have a spare few hours to waste on a Sunday afternoon.  I had no idea how many products would have citric acid and milk products in!  My afternoon teas are going to be difficult – who can cater for such an ‘awkward’ eater (this is not rhetorical; if you know the answer please, please let me know! 😐).  My love of crisps is still strong but my favourites are a no go, I need some alternatives – I think twiglets are OK 🤞🏼.

Sorry, I got a little side-tracked there, I do love talking food 😬.  Anyway, fuelling on the go – I have purchased a couple of bars to try, one of which I had last night.  I thought I would write a mini review for these as I find them and let you know what I think of them, if anyone else has similar food intolerance issues they may find these useful (perhaps I could create a spreadsheet 🤔).  If you aren’t interested then I apologise now for the increase of bar related posts that are likely to take place.

So last night I tried the Almond and Cashew Raw Paleo Bar from The Primal Pantry, this only has a few basic ingredients with no nasty extra’s.  It tasted OK, I would eat it again but I wouldn’t say I’m ever going to really fancy one of these bars (like I do cake or chocolate 🤤).  Texture was a little dry but not too bad and it wasn’t too heavy – not sure I would want to eat this on the go as I would probably want a large drink of water to wash it down with.  But it is something that I would eat pre or post run, I’ll start off with this one as a 7/10.

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