Rachet’s rundown 

Apple Watch vs Garmin

Over the last week I had decided to go back to using my Garmin for running, this is mostly down to the poor battery performance on the apple watch when running for long periods of time.  To be honest I find the Garmin a lot easier to view when I am running, the watch face is large enough to see at a glance and it has all the info I need on that first screen.  The information provided once the run is complete is just as sufficient as that from the apple watch (minus the heart rate, which I have only ever used out of curiosity and not for training purposes).  This then feeds from Garmin Connect to Strava and then into my activity app, which covers all bases for me and probably provides more information than really necessary 🤓.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my apple watch and I wouldn’t ever give this up for everyday and other exercise use but for running my Garmin is the better watch for me. The only negative I would point out is that you have to wait for signal to be received which to be honest isn’t a big deal, until you forget to push the go button 🙄 and once you’ve started running it takes an age to find signal.


After a couple of great training sessions this week I’m feeling pretty good and looking forward to my upcoming training and events. It’s great to be enjoying my runs again 😁 This morning we decided to do a recce of myself and Zoe’s leg on the Essex Way relay which we will be doing next week (review will follow). I really enjoyed running with others again today after going it alone last weekend, we all have our difficult moments and when you are in a group you can really pull each other along.  To finish off we had a very tasty lemon drizzle cake waiting for us (thanks Jo!) and we stopped off for a hot chocolate before heading home 😋.

For anyone interested my spreadsheet this week looks like this 😉

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