For anyone who has lost there running mojo I would recommend watching the IAAF world championship athletics – if the determination, hard work and dedication from these athletes isn’t enough to motivate you then I don’t know what is. I’ve found it incredible to watch over the last few days and it’s certainly given me a boost with my already returning mojo. From the minute I watched Mo win gold in the 10,000 metres on Friday night I have been hooked! Luckily enough for me, myself and my friend Amy had tickets to go and watch this live on Sunday night and the atmosphere was just amazing. We got to our seats nice and early and enjoyed some (£8!!) pick n mix sweets with a (£3!! 😳) bottle of water, took a few pics and made ourselves comfortable. We got to see the medal ceremony with Jessica Ennis-Hill receiving the medal she should have been given back in 2011 and Usain Bolt collecting his bronze from the previous day in the 100m race. It was great to see both these legends receive their well-earned medals 🥇🥉We also got to watch the following events:

I already knew I was going to love watching the running events, it’s something I have always found very inspiring even before I started to run myself. I loved cheering on all our GB athletes in their races, it was well worth breaking my throat to scream at Kyle Langford in his 800m heat to see him get through to the final. The hurdles just looked brutal and I’ve got to say watching Holly Bradshaw in the pole vault was insane, how they throw themselves up and over like that I have no idea!  There’s no way in the world my upper body strength would be up to an event like this, the training these guys put in is just unreal.  It takes over there lives and I love that they are so focused and determined.

So, whilst I was at training last night running a 7.8 mile route including hill efforts I was imagining I was an athlete competing in a competition – whatever gets you through hey 😏.  It helped me push through in a tough training run with my (I mean our 😂) coach shouting advice and encouragement – you know like with the professionals.  You guys can laugh but we know full well you are going to try this next time you run and you can’t tell me it doesn’t help keep you going!!

Yes, I am watching the athletics this evening – in fact I am catching up on the last 2 nights of it before putting tonight’s on, yeah I recorded it – told you I was hooked 😉. Yes, I am eating an athlete’s dinner (athlete’s eat brownies right?) and yes I have just had a sports massage as if I was an athlete. This is as close to being an athlete as I can get and I am doing my best to enjoy it whilst my mojo is with me!

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