Rachet’s rundown

So, this week was a bit different with a midweek trail – The pastels trail no. 3.  Zoe had made the suggestion and myself and Tina both fancied it too so we went out as a Trio which is always a pleasure.  Zoe, having had a rest from club on Tuesday was clearly fresh legged – myself, not so much!  I have to admit I was feeling really quite tired but I am so glad I still went.  We took a couple of wrong turns, hey that’s what these trails are all about right? Well, perhaps not – it may not be everyone’s idea of fun being lost half way round but when it’s taken us 3 miles to realise we have different instructions you know you are going to be in trouble!!  πŸ™„ To be honest, I had barely looked at my instructions which is not in the team spirit of things at all, I should really pay more attention in future.  We all read over the blue instructions and still had trouble, I could say the instructions just weren’t clear enough but I am not in a position to comment as I clearly wasn’t concentrating, I swear there was no cottage!! An evening running through woods, taking some wrong turns and having a good giggle – what more could you want? A drink in a pub I hear you say, well the bonus with this is that we finished in the pub with a Β£2 voucher, can’t argue with that when you’ve only spent Β£4 on the entry πŸ˜ƒ.

Great speed session Thursday evening, I worked hard and really enjoyed the challenge once again ending in the pub – its been a good week πŸ˜‰

Saturday saw my first visit to the Colchester parkrun with a warm up 3 miles and finishing with an extension to make it a long 13.5 miler.  Now, I remembered the Go Pro today (Yay!), pushed play a little after starting the parkrun and then stopped it a few mins after finishing.  I thought it would be great to record this one and amend the footage once I got home, change the speed and add some music.  Sounds great doesn’t it?  Yeah, I had it on camera mode – I think it’s best we don’t say anymore about that one and try again next time πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™€οΈ.

Moving on, the parkrun was actually really enjoyable as I love trying out new routes and although I definitely wouldn’t put this one down to go for a PB at it was great to run through Castle Park.  It was all on pathways through the park and at times there were bottlenecks but this has to be expected when there are many people running.  I feel that I need to talk about the hill, the long hill towards the castle, which you have to do not once, not twice but THREE times!  I should have listened to the race director when he talked us through the route because I was sure we only had to do this twice! I actually think it helped me get up there on the second lap –  by telling myself it was the last time I’d be doing the climb.  It felt great when I got to the top, probably my favourite part of the run knowing there was a lovely downhill that follows.  On the first lap you go out alongside the water which is great, except that you see the quicker runners on the way back coming past you from the other direction – this is something I really don’t like and it doesn’t allow for much space on the footpath.  It actually reminded me of a long stretch of the Brighton Marathon route, I found that part mentally tough and I think that’s stuck with me!  I wouldn’t let that put me off coming back to do this one again though, in fact I would be happy to come back here to keep things different with my parkruns – I really enjoyed it.

The extension to turn this in to a long run was all on road, something we’ve not done for a while but I must admit I found it smoother and slightly easier than the runs we have been doing off road.  I really enjoyed it, myself and Tina had some good chats and laughs on the way which is the only way to get through these longer training runs and I felt great when we’d finished.  The ProMax bars I have been testing for fuel over the last week have been going down great so I will be continuing with these.

Lessons learnt:

  1. I need to pay more attention at Tail runs.
  2. Check the settings to the GoPro before setting off.
  3. The camelbak is more comfortable when not filled to the top.
  4. Promax bars appear to work well for me.
  5. I need to refuel properly after training.


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