It’s back….

My running mojo is back and this makes me very happy! It’s a good job really with just over 2 months to go until the next big one. How did I get it back? Well, that’s a tough one to answer. I had some great training runs (I say great, I mean god damn hard – you know, in a good way 😉) and then a lovely long run with friends at the weekend. At club on Tuesday we did a multi-terrain route and I loved it, was great to be out in a group at a nice (tough) pace and not even think about where we were going. It’s a shame I am still having tummy issues, I have to admit this does put a dampener on it but I am getting closer to having this sorted and still working hard at fuelling (Kit Kat chunky’s help 😬). So obviously the best way to celebrate the return of my mojo is to sign up to some races – the first one being The Viper 15 mile trail run over the bank holiday weekend in August. This will be great as part of my training for that weekend and someone else has already created a route for me – let’s just hope I can read and run without too many issues. Let’s be honest, I probably have enough events to keep me going for the remainder of this year so looking forward to 2018 and I have 2 events already lined up. The first one being Endure24 (this is a 24 hour relay run) with a ladies team of 6, some guys from the club are creating a men’s team of 5 or 6 including my husband so the weekend will be good fun and guarantee’s some laughs. Now, I won’t be offended if you call me crazy for this one but Rachet and Clarke are going in for a pairs team at Spitfire 2018 BRING IT ON. 😁 The spreadsheet will be extended…..

Not only has my running motivation returned but I appear to have become quite keen on this cycling malarkey. Well, I’ve only been out twice and cake was involved on both occasions 😂 but I have really enjoyed it both times. I even made it up North Hill (John, you reading this??) I’m still not sure I’d go out on my own but that could just be a confidence thing, I thought I would keep at it and see how I got on. I’m yet to sign up to the Farleigh hospice ride for life (50km) but it’s on the radar and would be good to have something to aim for and completely throw me out of my comfort zone. I guess it just depends if there is cake at the end 😂.

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