Parkrun – longrun / Maldon – Tiptree

First things first – I remembered the GoPro, I hope I get brownie points for this. So, the plan said Burnham parkrun and then on to Bradwell following the Saltmarsh route, however the logistics for this just didn’t work out for us so there was a change of plan. Being the parkrun w*nker that I am I still wanted to include one in the run so we did Maldon and then created a route back to Tiptree which totalled about 17.5 miles. It was great to see my sister complete her first parkrun here this weekend, she did great and really enjoyed it.

For those of you who haven’t done the Maldon parkrun before it’s at the promenade park, starting with a loop of the lake and running up the hill past the food kiosks. You take a left passing the information point hut then head left alongside the the skate park, through the woods, up towards Brythnoth and back round the lake for another lap of the same. It’s a tough one to get a PB on now with so many people running as there is often a bottle neck at the start and it’s difficult to overtake through the woods.  I do enjoy the route, my favourite bit being the woods and it’s all fairly flat but I just love the atmosphere at a parkrun, especially with people you know giving you a cheer on the way past.

We didn’t hang about for long, Mrs Motivator (aka Robo) was keen to get us moving again and we didn’t want to get cold. We headed towards Goldhanger along the sea wall, I was enjoying the pace, the chat, the views and getting used to the hydration pack. Having a little stop off at the Basin was great for a fuelling top up and at the big event there will be a lot of stopping at checkpoints so I think it does us good to do some stop/starting in training. I really enjoyed the morning run, we did a lot of walk/run training which does me the world of good using different muscles to just running.  I tested out the use of Promax bars and cut up a selection into bite size pieces (great idea Tina), my tummy felt a lot better for it and there were no shituations.  I think we all (Zoe) learnt a lot about fuelling properly for long runs, it goes a long way and to have something to be able to eat on the way – even when not feeling hungry is definitely important to keep moving.  Keeping hydrated is obviously also as important and I was glad to have my CamelBak on, although I did feel a little achey from it after this run.  I don’t know if that is because of the longer distance and not being used to it or because I filled the fluid right up to the 3 litre point, I will have a play with this over the next few weeks to get it comfortable.

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All in all its been a good week of running, a hard hill training session on Tuesday and a tough speed session on Thursday and to then pull out a 17.5 mile run / walk at the end of the week is good going.  I’ve spent the rest of the weekend eating all the food! Yeah, I still need go work on that one. My body is certainly feeling it so great to have had a rest day today, sports massage booked in for tomorrow and I’ll be ready again for Tuesday.

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