Mersea parkrun tourism and rest day* Sunday

*When I say rest day, I mean 27mile cycle.

I’ve been saying for a while I’ve fancied doing some parkrun tourism so this Saturday we went as far as Mersea, it’s my first time of doing this route so I planned to take the Go Pro for some practise. I left it on the bottom stair 🤦🏻‍♀️. Must work harder for the vlogging.  Anyway, I did try out the Strava app on my watch and after the not pressing start mishap I found it quite simple to use.  The only thing I am not a fan of is the fact you can’t change the information on the main screen, however I am liking the relive app so I may persevere for a bit.

I really enjoyed the Mersea parkrun route, it is a two & a half lap course on grass, gravel and through woods.  My favourite part is of course through the woods, there is a nice downhill into them at the start before coming out onto a gravel track – this is where my buddies Tina and Zoe were marshalling with doggies so it was great to have some support here.  The gravel path led into another wooded area before coming across the grass and back down hill into the trees again.  After two laps of this there is some running on grass to come through the finish.  Having started my run with Jo we were doing well and having a good chin wag when the husband overtook.  Now, I am not saying I am competitive 🤔 but I just couldn’t have that.  Yes, he can get me on a sprint finish any day of the week but at the half way point I just wasn’t allowing it to happen so I picked up the pace and managed to get ahead enough to not have to worry about the possibility of a sprint past at the end – phew.  I’m happy with my finish time of 25:43 especially after the previous weekend and I would very much like to come back here and give it another go at some point.  It was lovely to take the dogs for a walk along the beach and even better that we could stop off at the café for drinks, snacks and a sit down before heading back home.

Mersea parkrun finishing photo
Strava App

Rest day Sunday, well this depends on what you class as a rest day.  Not sure if you’ve noticed but I struggle with the whole rest side of things, so to give my legs a break from running another cake cycle was scheduled in 😋.  This was supposed to mean a nice casual slow social cycle ride for a stop off for yumminess and I am sure for the other people who were with me this is exactly what it was.  For me, 27 miles with a hills (NORTH HILL! If you need any tips on how to cycle all the way up this John just give me a shout 😉), is not a gentle cycle. But, I loved it!  I have really enjoyed the couple of cycles we have done so far, it really does challenge me but I love the social side of it (cake obviously helps) and really appreciate everyone helping me out.

Check out “Morning Ride” on Relive!

Paperlock Mill stop off 🤤

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