Does running a bath count towards my running goals?

I guess we’d call this week a recovery week after the epic weekend at Spitfire and although I hadn’t really planned the rest, it was definitely required.  The munchies began on Monday and didn’t really stop until – actually I am not sure they’ve stopped yet 🙊.  I made the mistake of going into M&S in my lunch break Tuesday and could have easily made my way through the whole of the bakery aisle.  After the 5 cereal bar and 3 packets of crisps incident on Monday 🐽 (please tell me this doesn’t just happen to me?!), I put the crisp ban back on and will no longer be buying cereal bars. I found Tuesdays run at club very hard with heavy legs but they did loosen up and I felt better for it. It made me feel like I had evened out all the food I’d consumed the previous day, although there’s no way it balanced that out fairly.

It was Wednesday that the tiredness really hit, I felt like I could sleep standing and was struggling to string a sentence together – I’m quite good at making new words up when I hit this stage too 😂. I’d like to say by Thursday I was back raring to go, but it was at this point I decided running a bath was just as good as running the 10k I’d planned and even then I kept drifting off.  Don’t you worry though I managed to stay awake long enough to drag myself to the pub for a little catch up.  Here we are on Friday afternoon and I am ready for another good sleep 😴  I’ve failed on the stretching a bit this week too so when I’m aching like hell after parkrun tomorrow I have no one to blame but myself! Maybe I should do a yoga session this evening, or perhaps I’ll have a nice hot bath – if only running a bath would lead me towards my running goals I’d be well on my way to achieving them by now 😂.

Did I mention I did 6 laps at Spitfire Scramble at the weekend? 34.8 miles if you hadn’t heard 😁

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