Rachet’s rundown: If it’s not one thing it’s another….

After getting my mojo back for running on Saturday we went for a lovely casual ride for cake on Sunday, anyone who has seen me ride a bike knows full well this does not come naturally to me.  We thought we’d do a ‘little’ cycle to Mersea enjoying a stop off at Marias Vintage Tearoom for a drink and cake.  It didn’t start off too well when the husband got a puncture before even meeting up (there’s always one 🤦🏻‍♀️), with no spare inner tube (don’t worry though, he has a new gadget that can tell us all sorts of stats 🙄) it’s a good job we have someone with us who knows what they are doing – thanks Phill.  32 miles later and my backside is no longer my friend, however I did surprise myself!  OK, it may not have been fast and it certainly wasn’t pretty but I cycled 30 miles!!  I had a lot of help from the other cyclists, gear changing, getting the seat in the right place, pumping a tyre up, a little push up the hills (really needed that! 😀) but I really enjoyed it!  It was great fun to change things up a bit from the running and I really think it will help improve my fitness if I can get myself out cycling regularly.  If I am honest I am not sure how I would feel about getting out there on my own, still not overly confident but I guess that will just take time.  I am turning in to a right sweater as well, apparently this is a good thing although I am not sure I like it!  Maybe I am being  a little too keen and optimistic but I have had a little look at the Farleigh Ride for Life event in September, perhaps I could make the 50km route…..

The weekend was going exceptionally well and I was feeling really happy, until the shituations took hold, another flare up – great, if it’s not one thing it’s another!!  I’m going to have to change the name of my blog at this rate, ‘rachetmoans’ ? or ‘rachettrystorun’ ?, how about ‘rachetgetthehellonwithit’ ??  Tuesday’s run at club was quite uncomfortable but I have been doing a lot of research on IBS and IBD whilst waiting for results from the Dr and exercise is a positive thing when dealing with either of these (if anyone has any experience and advice on this I’d be grateful to hear it).  A little google search has given me some advice, a lot of which is likely to be trial and error and if I am having a flare up I may need to hold back a bit or take a rest day.  On that note spin today didn’t happen, I was quite looking forward to it as well after the success at the weekend.

Anyway, this weekend is Spitfire time! 😁  I’ve been looking forward to this for ages and I will not let the tummy issues spoil it, I’ve got the packing spreadsheet on the go and I have started to get bits ready.  Having slept in the sleeping bag a couple of times I can confirm it is monster proof and comfortable!  Not really sure what to expect of the event having never done anything like this before, the camping alone is a new thing for me and in all honesty I have been concentrating on that more than the actual running!  I think it’s very much a case of lets go and enjoy ourselves!  I’ll try to remember the GoPro 😂

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