Is 32 too young for a mid-life crisis?

Only I think I am having one.  Who, in their right mind signs up to cover 75miles over 2 days??!  I am struggling to get my head around it at the moment, what with last weekend’s Stort10 turning into Stort5 and the horrendous long run I had just a couple of weeks ago I am starting to question my sanity and ability.  I feel like my training is going backwards, if it’s not my mind giving up it’s my body – please tell me I’m not the only one feeling this? I am smartening up my diet, food for fuel and all that (cake is good carb loading, right?), turning up for training (mostly mentally as well as physically) and doing my long runs.  So why is it getting harder?!

I’ve also just heard from Saltmarsh Ben (the most laid back person I know when it comes to training) and apparently he did 60 miles over the weekend, 30 miles each day in the Cotswold Way Challenge.  Well Done Ben, that’s great – brilliant achievement!! Lessons learnt from Ben which I will certainly take on board:

  1. Look after your feet and accept that you will need to stop / rest for a few hours over the day.  You’ll get back the time later by moving quicker
  2. Pack light – I took way too much with me on day 1.
  3. Change socks and t-shirt during the day – makes you feel mountain fresh for at least 10 mins which is well worth it!
  4. Drink lots
  5. 60 miles is a F-ing long way to run/walk.
  6. Take music for the dark times – I didn’t.
  7. Walking is bloody SLOW… be prepare to think way outside running times. i.e. 10k to go is not just over an hour at 20min mile ‘plodding whilst crying’ pace.

Thanks Ben, I think this has highlighted just how much I need to up my game….. 

Right, it’s time to snap out of this – lets put our positive pants on and get on with it.  We run for fun right, that’s why we are doing this – personal achievement and for enjoyment so this is exactly what we need to do.  Lovely weekend coming up which includes an enjoyable parkrun / long run and then a jolly cycle for some cake (stay off the road chaps).  9 Days until Spitfire, I am so excited for this!! I’ve got my packing spread sheet ready…. Who want’s a copy??

Oh, and it turns out I misunderstood the meaning of Arthur (not Arfa after all) – completely stitched myself up with that one didn’t I 🤦🏻‍♀️

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