Just call me Arfa

Yep, I’ve done it again – bit worried this nickname is going to stick at this rate (please Phill, don’t make this one stick!).  It’s not something I want to get into the habit of I can tell you, but 10 miles yesterday just wasn’t meant to be.  It feels like I am constantly making excuses for my poor performances.  Although I felt ok in myself – it was warm but I was enjoying the pace and running in a Trio, the pain in my hip just wouldn’t give up. Every downward step on that left leg I felt pain and it wasn’t fading.  I was worried I was making it worse by continuing to run and didn’t want to risk being out for the week if I continued so I made the decision to stop after the 5 miles instead of completing the full 10.

To be fair I am happy with my time for the 5miles but I am disappointed I didn’t do the 10, such a crap feeling when you don’t manage to achieve what you set out to do. The run itself wasn’t quite what I had expected – I thought there’d be a lot more running through the woods and tree’s with shelter but it felt more like we were running in open fields in direct sun which I know some people really struggled with.  The marshal support was brilliant and everything was very well organised in the lead up to the run and on the day, plus I still got a goody bag, t shirt and mug for completing the 5 miles so that’s always a bonus.

I tell you what did cheer me up whilst I was uncomfortably trying to sit, stand, stretch, ice (get the violins out) – we had our picture taken with the one and only Frank Bruno (who’d started the race)!  We then got to cheer our Zoe and Chris through the finish as they completed the full 10 miles (yep, hardcore these two).

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