Long Sunday run – GoPro attempt #1

Now, I know the plan said Mersea round the Island and I had signed up for this – however sometimes we have to be flexible and this week was one of those weeks.  After having a rest week and the disaster of last Sundays long run, I didn’t think it would be a smart move to get out there and try crack out a 13 mile-ish multi terrain run race (see how sensible I can be 😇).  However this is one I fancy giving a go so will keep it in mind for next year.

So, instead we went for a nice off road run locally – easy pace, easy chat and a lovely Sunday morning.  I say easy pace, this is a lie, it wasn’t easy – I don’t know what or why I am finding it so difficult at the moment.  The route was lovely, perfect company and the weather was great for running but my legs didn’t want to move!  Don’t get me wrong I didn’t let them give up on me but I was having a lot of arguments in my head about it. I won 😏.

Anyway, these training runs are all about trying things out and that’s what I am making the most of at the moment.  This week I tried sour snake sweets as my nutrition and yeah they tasted good but I need to be a bit sensible about it – these aren’t going to do me any good on long, long runs.  With Spitfire just a few weeks away (whoop whoop! 😃), I need to start getting ‘real’ food inside me.  I say real food, what I mean is not sweets.  I’ve got a few things in mind to give a go over the next week or so, will see how I get on.

This week saw my first attempt at using the GoPro, clearly I need some more practise! 😂  Will try again next week.

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