Rachet’s rundown

It’s been another week of rest for me, I thought this was best to give me a chance to become fully fit after being unwell but believe me by this morning I was raring to get out there.  I was up bright and early so thought I may as well get straight out for a solo 5k around a route I used to do regularly. I had my music playing and my legs were feel fresh, until about half way – how can I only be half way into a 5k and already looking at my watch and wanting to walk?!  I’m sweating, I don’t normally sweat – what’s this about?? I was struggling, why – I have no idea but boy it was a tough one, there was even some gagging involved šŸ˜·  I wasn’t going particularly quick either!!

I am putting it down to it being my first run after having some rest and hoping this doesn’t continue for the rest of the week.  I’d decided to set myself up on Strava and give this a go and I can’t say I’m sold. Although I like the idea of keeping in touch with other runners training and joining groups through Strava, I don’t like the information provided on the watch when running. I think maybe I’ve just got so used to the activity app through the Apple Watch so I’ll stick with this. 

I was back in time to head to Maldon Parkrun where there was a Tiptree Takeover, this meant that as a club we took up many of the volunteering roles including pacers.  This is great for runners who are after PB’s and specific times and the park runners seem to really appreciate it.  I had the role of handing out the finish tokens šŸ˜³ I am not gonna lie this got a bit stressful when many runners where coming in at once!!  I really enjoyed being part of it and when I am running it most weekends I think its great to give back and help volunteer.  I quite fancy having a pacer to follow myself so will look out for other club takeovers in the future.

Early start in the morning for long Sunday run #alarmsetfor7 šŸ˜“, I’ve got the GoPro ready so all going well you’ll have some footage to look forward to šŸ˜‰.

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