Camelbak Ratchet 3 Litre Hydration Pack

Ok so I’m continuing to try out some hydration back packs for the big event at the end of the year and I’m not gonna lie I chose this one due to its name 😂. It helps that it looks nice and felt like it would be a good size for me. It comes in 3 different colours, the bright blue which I opted for, lime green and a more subtle black. I ordered mine through for a great price and it arrived through free delivery within just a few working days.  It has a 3litre hydration capacity which is easy to refill, a zip pocket at the back which is big enough for a spare t shirt, phone, keys etc. and a stretch pocket which I used for tissues, Haribo and a cereal bar with plenty of space. When I first tried it on I wasn’t sure it was as comfortable as the Osprey I ran with a few weeks ago but after some strap adjustments I soon got used to it, liking the snug fit.  There was a bit of a mishap when filling the water bladder for the first time, this was down to user error 🤦🏻‍♀️ Once I got the air out of the hydration pack and stopped the water sloshing around I was good to go.  I thought it was great, very easy to drink from which encouraged me to keep hydrated and there’s space for everything I need.  I found it so much more comfortable than a waist water belt and other than the sweaty back 😬 soon forgot I even had it on, although to be fair I had other things to worry about on that run 😂. The only negative is the struggle to get anything out of the pockets as they are all round the back (yes, even with my long arms 🙄), a pocket in the waist strap would have been ideal to carry snacks for easy access.  Overall I am really happy with the Camelback Ratchet, it’s got a great name for starters 😉, its the right size for my frame and most importantly its a comfortable fit.

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