Yep, it’s been one day 😂 staying in a great villa with this lovely pool but struggling with the relaxing part already 🙄.  Thankfully my husband has packed a ball which has worked like a fidget spinner for me today (what are they all about?!) only you can actually do stuff with it like throw, catch, bounce, skim across water, aim for heads etc. 

Day 2 got us out and about exploring the island, I’ve continued with my 30 day squat and plank challenges without any issues however the planned pool run hasn’t worked out. After a bit of googling I discovered the pool has to be deep enough so that you don’t touch the floor – who knew 🤷🏻‍♀️ I had planned in a run for day 3 so this wasn’t a problem, plus I’d got my life saver of a ball to bounce around 👍🏼. 

Due to becoming unwell I was unable to do my run, completely gutted – I’d planned a route out and was really looking forward to getting out there. It also put a stop to the 30 day challenges – I was on day 9 so would have to pick up where I left off when I am well again. Like Jo’s always told me – never look forward to anything 🙄.

The sand buggy trip we had arranged for Wednesday was postponed till later in the week giving me a chance to get better so another day not doing too much for day 4 😴.

I think I’m going to have to accept the fact that a run just isn’t going to happen this week 😔 I’m really disappointed but it’s just one of those things, you never know it may even be the best thing for me with the training scheduled in for the up coming weeks. I just really wanted to give that route a go 🙄.  The fact I spent most of day 5 sleeping tells me my body probably needed the rest #lazycow

So we swapped our sand buggy trip to day 6 & it was really good fun, I’m so glad I was well enough to make it. If you ever go to fuerteventura I’d definitely recommend doing this. We even saw the sun make an appearance in the afternoon ☀️ #wegotburnt 

It may not have quite been the trip I’d planned but I got to spend a week fully resting which is never a bad thing when I have so much coming up over the next few weeks. Hopefully it means I’ll be raring to go when I get back to it next week, although somehow I think my next few runs will look something like this….

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