Rachet’s Rundown

🎶 “We’re all going ona, summer holiday” 🎶 Well, I am anyway. I am actually on the plane heading to fuerteventura as I type, I’ve tried forcing a nap but it’s just not happening for me so I thought I’d reflect on last weeks running. It started well with a brilliant training session on Tuesday which was speed work, I absolutely loved it – we teamed up in 3’s and there was a bit of a competitive spin at the end with ‘rats and rabbits’. It was tough on the legs and I certainly felt it for a few days after, which made for an interesting run on Thursday! But still, didn’t do bad and we ended up in the pub with some delicious brownies 🤤 (thanks Tina). Today was the second in the 10k cross country series and I’m gutted to say I had to give it a miss due to amended flight times. The plan was to do the 10k then head straight to the airport, but with the risk of getting divorced if I missed the flight, I decided against it and instead squeezed in a parkrun.  Well done to Gouldy, Alia and Sally who all did the run – apparently it was a great route through woods which I know I would have loved. Hopefully Gouldy will take me through the route in a few weekends time 😊. Parkrun this morning was warm, it wasn’t a comfortable chatting pace as I have enjoyed over the last few weeks but it was a good run. 

I’ve started the 30 day plank and squat challenge this week, those of you on Instagram will be bored of my updates on this but you’ve still got 24 days to go so best get used to it 😁 I’m hoping this will strengthen my core and quads and with any luck will improve my running – we’ll see.


I’ve got my running gear wth me and I am looking forward to discovering some routes whilst we are away. Somehow my husbands gear also made its way into the suitacase 🤔  it would be a shame not to use it now it’s with us so I’m hoping we’ll do at least one, maybe two runs together. If not I’ll be let loose to find my own routes without adult supervision  – could be interesting 😬.

Ooooh, plane foods here 🤢 

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