Rachet’s Rundown

Tuesday nights training session was a 5k time trial, I wasn’t expecting much with my running form of late however I was pleasantly surprised with my time of 23:43.  The last time we did this time trial was back in January and I was 20 seconds quicker, however with the way my running has been over the last few weeks I’m really pleased and feel like I am going back in the right direction.  I’ve compared my splits from both runs below and it’s pretty clear I went off too quickly this week, that’ll be because I was trying to keep up with the ladies in front – I’ll keep trying 😂

Maybe one day I’ll be able to maintain a 7’22″/mi 🤔

Thursday was the 3rd of the 5k Summer Series down at the prom, as I’d ran hard on Tuesday I decided not to run it this week.  Instead I did a couple of laps round the prom just to get some mileage in, it was very hot but I really enjoyed just putting my music on and running – I haven’t done that for such a long time.  Although I do prefer running with others, sometimes you just have to get yourself out there and run with your music, I felt a lot better for it.  It was great to watch the others doing the summer series, I always enjoy cheering my husband and my friend on in these and they both did great.  Saturday was back to running with friends at parkrun, myself and Jo ran together and we had a good old chat along the way.  The weekend ended on a high with a lovely off road run around Beeleigh and then a cheeky stop off at the waffle bar. 😊


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