Osprey Tempest 9 backpack review

I’ve been giving the waist water bottle belts a go for a while now and have purchased/tried about 4 different types but am yet to find one that’s comfortable.  I just find they move around too much and end up bashing against me when I run, so with Saltmarsh in mind I thought I would give the back packs a go.  Gouldy lent me an Osprey Tempest 9 for my long run Sunday (thanks buddy), although its not one with a water bladder I just wanted to try it out for comfort and see how it felt.  I filled it with a change of clothes, a few water bottles and my phone etc. with plenty of space available.  There is a small pocket just on the inside which is where I put my key, some cash and the belt around the waist had 2 little pockets which was perfect for easy access to smaller items. I used this for my phone and would put snacks in there if I was going any further. There was also an additional pocket on the back which is where I popped some tissues and the two side pockets were a perfect fit for my water bottles.  The number of pockets was great, the only downside was they are not easy access (other than on the waist belt) and therefore you’d either need to take the back pack off or ask someone else to get anything out of the pockets on the back.  Realistically this isn’t an issue because you’d use those smaller pockets for easy access and would have to stop if you wanted any other items anyway. I did manage to get my water bottles out from the side pockets but it felt like I had to dislocate my shoulder to do so 😂 obviously this wouldn’t be an issue if I had one with a water bladder. It felt snug and a close fit as soon as I put it on but I tightened the straps to ensure there would be no movement, the chest strap wasn’t gonna happen so I just tucked that away and it felt comfortable.  It took a little time to get used to but it certainly helped when Tina tucked the hook away for me so it stopped rubbing on my neck.  It felt light and there wasn’t much movement although I would need to pack my stuff a bit more sensibly in future as there was a rather irritating rattle going on.  I’d have concerns that on longer runs there could be an issue at the shoulders with possible rubbing and I’m not gonna lie my back was very wet when I took it off (sorry Gouldy 😬) although it didn’t make me feel any hotter when I had it on. I am tempted to see if I can test out a slightly smaller size as I have got such a small frame, and I am definitely keen to try out one as a hydration pack.

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