Elmstead Market half marathon

Well, that was the hardest half marathon I have ever done. I wish I could look back on it with some happy memories but I’m just not ready to laugh about it yet. Maybe it was the heat, maybe my legs need more off road training, maybe the stinging nettles zapped a little piece of my soul on each sting, maybe the number of farmers fields we had to run across just completely messed with my mind….. Who knows, but we made it to the end.  The four of us – Phill, Tina, Jo and myself stuck together and chatted our way through the 14 (according to my watch!!) miles. Most of the route was in direct sunlight with very little shade so even after the first 4 miles we knew it was going to be a tough one. At about mile 5/6 I had huge concerns there was going to be a shituation 😳 and darted off to find a suitable spot.  I couldn’t find a suitable spot. So I panicked.  I ran through stingers and brambles to hide in the middle of the trees – got myself comfortable to realise I was visible to anyone walking past. Luckily no one was around. As it turned out it was a false alarm but now I’ve got scratches on my arse from that bloody bramble. The first checkpoint did improve our moods with the excellent selection of drinks and food to help us stock up, this certainly helped us through the next half mile ha ha 😂.  Towards the end we adopted a run walk strategy which I found very useful – probably more mentally that physically because you can see an end point where you can then walk.  This might be something for me to consider for Saltmarsh. The positives from this was that together we got to the end – great team work and once again I really enjoyed spending the morning with these guys. The checkpoints were brilliant, this is the second Top Day Events organised run I have done and both times the refreshments have been by far the best I’ve seen.  I’ve learnt I need to get my legs used to off road running in a big way before the end of the year and I need to try out a back pack because water belts are just not comfortable.  Not only did we have some rolls waiting for us at the end, but Jo had supplied us with a drink – as you can tell from my picture below, this cheered me up no end, great touch Jo! Right, I’d best do some more stretching 🤦🏻‍♀️

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