Maldon’s 200th parkrun

Well after the shocking training runs in the week I wasn’t expecting much from the Parkrun this week.  Seriously I don’t know what has happened to me, I’ve lost fitness, got slower and am finding it harder than ever.  Very frustrating to feel like I am going backwards.  So this week was the 200th Maldon parkrun and we were all asked to wear our milestone t-shirts (unfortunately I still don’t have mine as my size has not been in stock), so instead we could wear t-shirts that were the same colours as milestone t-shirts (no Ant, not green 🤦🏻‍♀️). I’ve been enjoying the ‘Fun Stats’ posted on Facebook throughout the week, a favourite being “The highest attendance is 338 on 25/3/17. The lowest is 56 on 21/12/13. We have attendances of 100,150, 250 and 300 but not 200!”. I was expecting to see a high number of runners there today and I wasn’t wrong, there was a record turnout of 366!  I was surprised to see that even Saltmarsh Ben made an appearance and he was almost on time 😳!!  Lovely sunny morning at the prom park first thing, it was really quite warm but we had a nice little downpour towards the end which helped cool us down a little!  Now, I am not going to pretend my running has improved from the attempts in the week but to be honest that’s not really what the parkrun is about.  I ran alongside Jo and we had a nice chat all the way round which was just perfect.  I spotted friends meeting up and enjoying each others company whilst they do a little exercise and of course there’s the runners who want to push for a PB – but that’s the great thing about parkrun, its suitable for all abilities.  You want to push yourself – go for it, you want to catch up with a buddy whilst you stretch your legs – go ahead, you want to bring your dog along – feel free.  I watched a young lad encouraging his mum / guardian this morning and I think that’s a great example of what this is all about.  Good work to all those who have made these 200 parkruns happen at the prom park and I look forward to seeing you all again next week. I would also like to say well done to my hubby for making this his 50th parkrun today – “did you get a pb?”, “no”, “so what you doing sitting down, get up.” 😘

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