Asics Gel-FujiAttack 4 Trail Trainers

Asics Trail

My new trainers got their first run in yesterday at “the wonder wander” ran by the Mid Essex Casuals which was a 9.5 mile trail with a 5 mile option also available.  A group of us from the Club met at registration so we could all run together which was great, the route was lovely and it was such a nice sunny day – perfect Sunday morning running with friends.  I’d decided to get some new trail trainers ready for training throughout the summer and for the big event at the end of the year.  The number 1 priority here is comfort, now I know I have 2 other pairs of trail trainers but in fairness the Nike’s give me blisters and although the inov8’s are great for grip and muddy cross countries I don’t think they are comfortable enough for such a long distance.  Now that’s my excuse and I am sticking to it 😉.  I’d chosen the Asics Gel-FujiAttack 4 Trail Trainers because I have always found my Asics road trainers comfortable and I liked the look of these ones, the additional bonus being that they were reduced on the website. The downside to this website is that you have to pay for delivery and any returns 🙄 but they arrived quickly and luckily enough no returns are required.  As soon as I tried them on in my living room they felt more comfortable than the trail trainers I already have, obviously not quite as nice as slipping on the road trainers but I would say they are almost as good.  Although I have only had the 1 run out in these I can say they are very comfortable and I am pleased I have gone for them with the Saltmarsh75 in mind, I think they will be perfect for this terrain and as good as I can expect for that kind of distance.  Time will tell for sure but so far so good.  If you are after some trail trainers that have amazing grip then I wouldn’t recommend these, I would put them more in the section for between road and trail where as my Innov8’s have great grip and are perfect for runs in mud and wet conditions.  These won’t replace my Innov8’s but they are a great addition to my (ever growing 😬) collection.

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