Rachet’s Rundown

OK, so to sum up this week it’s not been the best for me.  To start it off I lost a toenail Tuesday – alright, I can deal with this – it’s been hanging on for a while and was time to go, I just wish it hadn’t got stuck to my sock like that 😷.  It ended on Friday with my husband losing his job, there was a few shitty days in between but I think this just about tops it off.  

​”how to support your husband through difficult times” by Rachel Jackson 😂

It has meant my IBS hasn’t been great 🙄 which isn’t good for the running, but I’ve set up a food diary so I’m hoping I can pin point some triggers – any advice on this would be gratefully received.  I’ve needed and enjoyed this weeks running more than I have in a while – even managed a swim Monday which I am hoping I can carry on as a weekly addition. Both me and Dan did the parkrun this morning, wasn’t quick but it was sunny and we ran it together which was nice and exactly what we both needed.  Trail with running buddies tomorrow will be perfect and fingers crossed the sun will be out for us, ground should be soft and a little on the muddy side after the rain we have had (I have new trainers 😬).  The next few weeks (possibly months) probably aren’t going to be easy so I need a plan and I need a focus which is where I lead on to talk to you about Saltmarsh75 (http://www.saltmarsh75.co.uk/).  I marshalled a checkpoint last year and have always heard a lot about this through work.  Now I am not saying that I think I can make it round the full 75 miles in 2 days but I feel I have to give it a go.  I’ve used the training plan supplied by Saltmarsh Ben and I have adapted this to fit around me – in 4 weeks time my first training run will take place.  Nervous? Yes.  Worried? Yes. Doubtful? Yes.  Looking forward to training? Hell yes.  There’s no promises here, it’s a case of putting my mind to it and seeing what happens – watch this space.  

Now, call me crazy but I would also quite like to get my PB board all on 2017’s and I am already half way there so I believe this could actually be achievable (more so than the completion of Saltmarsh75 😂) – Lets see what I can do.

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