Throwback Thursday Southend Half Marathon 2014

My first half marathon back in 2014 – it’s one of those I’ll always remember. I had only ever done a couple of 5 and 10k’s previously although I had done some training with my husband for his first half marathon the year before. I’m not going to lie, I struggled to enjoy a large part of this run. It must have been the hottest day of the year so far and although I deal with the heat quite well it was a bit much and not nice to see many runners fall ill. The route goes alongside the seafront one way before turning back on yourself along the other way (twice), I had also done a lot of training with my music on so to then not have it playing felt quite strange. The first 3 miles were fine, at the point of trying to take a drink from a plastic cup and inhaling more air than water (I still need to work on this) my husband run off ahead 🙄. A close friend had come to support us and I saw her at about mile 5, she passed me my drink and shouted out some abuse (or was it encouragement 😉) which was really appreciated. By mile 6 I wanted to cry. I think I did cry. There was definite whimpering. It wasn’t until about mile 9 when I was on the turn to head back along the last of the seafront stretch that I spotted my brother and sister in law, I knew I could do the remaining 4 miles so I lifted my head up, gave them a wave and kept on going. At about mile 11 I spotted Dan up ahead, now if there’s any need for encouragement to keep going that is it. Thinking you can overtake your husband who had previously chuckled at your choking misfortune and run on ahead (me – competitive? Noooooo…. 😬). It was all I needed and I patted him on the shoulder as I went past. My friend was cheering me on just shy of mile 12 and I must admit the last mile seemed to go on forever, it was uphill, there was more whimpering and I just wanted to see that finish line. Another runner helped me to keep going through the last half a mile and my brother was there at the finish line with a cool drink at the ready. Although that feeling of finishing my first half marathon will always be a lovely memory, it is not one I would rush back to do again. It was a flat but a very boring course and I still can’t look at the seafront in the same way.  

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