Rachet’s Rundown

The second in the 5k series was on Thursday, I didn’t run it but I did turn up to help registration etc. My husband Dan and friend Amy both ran and both got better times that their last run in this series which is great – both did brilliantly.  I felt guilty not running it myself, but some days you just don’t feel it, I was pleased to have been there helping out and cheering the runners.

I woke up Saturday for the first in the Essex Cross Country series at Hylands House, again I wasn’t particularly feeling it.  The big bonus of this one was that I met with Gouldy and we ran it together.  Arriving with plenty of time we collected our numbers and t-shirt (we got this as we have signed up for all 5 races in the series – another bright one to compete with last weeks Alton Water 10k one!).  The event was well organised and we got ourselves ready and dropped off our bags without any issues, the race is also chipped timed.  The route was 2x 5k laps which doesn’t really bother me too much, there was a lot of running on grass which isn’t my favourite but we also ran through some woods which I loved.  No, it wasn’t a quick run but it was exactly what I needed – the day brightened up as the run went on and I got to run through some trees whilst having a good old chat with Gouldy.  What more could you want on a Saturday morning.  The goody bag was also really impressive plus we got a medal and I’m gutted that I may not be able to make the next in the series – I’m working on a solution for this as I’d love to make all 5. I really enjoyed it and it made me feel more ready for the Baddow 10 mile run the following day which I had been dreading all week.

The Great Baddow 10mile race didn’t start till 11am which would normally be a bit of a negative as I like to wake up and get going, however this morning was a relief as I really needed the lay in!  Some motivation had returned after really enjoying the run with Gouldy the previous day, but I wouldn’t say I was raring to go and wasn’t going to bust a gut trying to get a PB.  It was a good job I wasn’t going for a PB because the course was brutal!  It was hill after hill after hill, I quite like hills but seriously they were never ending!!  I went off at a comfortableish pace, felt relatively good for the first 5 miles actually, it was at about mile 7/8 that my legs felt like lead and my stiff neck got stiffer and I’m sure at this point it was just a continuous hill……. Anyway “just a parkrun to go”, I did try to keep up with Graham from the club who passed me looking very comfortable but I just couldn’t hold on although I did my best to keep him in my sights.  There was an unfortunate tummy ache at mile 9 – such a relief it wasn’t a shituation, I think this is just something else I need to work on.  My chip time came through at 1:26:58 which I will be pleased with on a route like that, I think there’s room for improvement but there always is!

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