Alton Water 10k

Since the May day 5 run last weekend I haven’t been running well so I wasn’t feeling hopeful going into the 10k run this morning.  Although I was looking forward to it as I had been over to Alton Water once before on a training run and it is a nice route.  Dan was coming over with me, although he’d conveniently left it too late to get a place in the 10k run so he was just there to cheer me on.  I got there nice and early to collect my number and allow plenty of time for a visit to the portaloo 🙄 and in fairness there wasn’t much of a queue for this which is always good.  Gouldy, Bob and friends had cycled over so was great to see them in the café before the race started and for their support.  About half an hour before the start I had a last visit to the loo and whilst in the queue I started chatting to a couple of ladies about the weather, I was worried about being cold in shorts as it was quite breezy.  One lady replied “Yeah but you’re a fast runner being a Tiptree Road Runner”, I did try to point out this doesn’t mean I am a fast runner but she wasn’t really having any of it.  I thought this was a bit judgemental, people don’t join a club because they are a fast runner.  There are numerous reasons behind why people join a running club, to improve themselves, to get fit, to meet new people, to help relieve stress and anxiety, personal circumstances, aiming to complete an event etc.  Our club is open to all abilities, I don’t think its fair to judge someone as being a “quick runner” just because they are in a club vest, also I’d like to point out that “quick” to one person isn’t “quick” to another person – for me its all about personal improvement.  Anyway, rant over.  I did also speak to another lady about the Tiptree 10 race – I hope she gives it another go this year as she enjoyed it so much last year.  The race started at 10:30 and was predominantly off road although there was quite a long stretch on country lanes so I was pleased I’d opted for my road trainers especially with the ground being so hard anyway.  It took me a while to get into a comfortable pace and I was reminding myself not to keep racing off as fast as I can.  For some reason when I am in a race situation and not running alongside someone I just can’t help but go for it.  I spent some time telling myself to enjoy the views – it was a lovely route, I really enjoy being on trail paths although I must admit it was really quite hilly!  I did feel like I was struggling, but just kept going and got chatting to another runner at about the 9km mark which helped me right at the end.  I finished in 52:37 which I surprised myself with as I was completely out of breath and feeling unfit throughout most of it, I even got a t shirt at the end (brightest t-shirt I’ve ever owned) as well as a medal. New PB for the black board.

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