May Day 5 2017

After a few days off, with a lovely trip to Copenhagen over the weekend, I got up and dragged myself to the May Day 5 in Witham. I can’t say I was particularly feeling it Monday morning but there was a few of us going over there together and I needed to get a run in. It was the same route I had completed on Boxing Day which is my current PB over 5 miles. I began the race in the company of Joanne and Chris from the club which was great as its always nice to have someone to talk to and run alongside. I tend to keep my eye on someone up ahead with the aim to catch them up, then move on to the next target and it was no different for me here. The route is very much uphill to begin with, it did level out and some would say even goes downhill at points (didn’t feel like that to me!). The weather wasn’t bad for a run – bit windy for my liking but all round pretty good conditions. Although I didn’t start the race with the intention of getting a PB, after 2.5miles I did pick up the pace as there was a little voice in my head telling me maybe I could improve my time 😬 but it wasn’t to be. I wasn’t far off my PB from the previous run here, so I can’t say I am disappointed by my time, but I guess I was just hoping to have improved over the last 4 months. Maybe I need to be a bit more realistic about the fact I can’t get PB’s every time I run! I enjoyed the route and was really glad I got myself out there and did it, although I must admit I do feel as though my general fitness needs a bit of work – I was blowing at the end and my tummy is not happy. I guess this is probably down to the terrible eating I did whilst away, so this week I will concentrate on getting that back on track & hopefully the fitness will follow.

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