Rachet’s rundown

I am back on the diet bandwagon; it’s getting boring now isn’t it 🙄 but I’ve learnt a lesson this week so I thought some of you may want to hear about it.  For a while now I have been keen to try and develop visible abs, so this week I actually started to give this a go – changing my diet to reduce carbs and fat and increase protein intake.  A day and a half in I wanted chocolate, or something sugary but I remained strong and kept away from the naughties.  Not only was I already finding this incredibly hard to stick to but I then went to training and I did not run well, nor did I feel well – lethargic, tired and I had a stitch.  I probably can’t really put the blame for this on the 2 days I’ve been eating differently, but it has made me think that wanting to improve my running and get PB’s (and avoiding shituations 💩) is more important to me than getting visible abs.  So, although I do need to have a good look at and improve my diet I don’t think I was going the right way about it.  I purchased a book (pictured below) a little while ago and I think it’s about time I sat down and gave it a good read – look out for pictures of these meals on my Instagram page.  Looking forward over the next couple of months I would really like to work harder at improving my time over shorter distances, the 5k summer series along with the 10k cross country series will give me a good chance to see if my times are getting any better.  Alongside improving the diet, I need to stretch more and incorporate strength training into my routine – perhaps even getting the bike out once in a while as I am sure others have found this has helped their running performances.  I have a few races booked up in May, with the May Day 5, Alton Water 10 and the start of the Essex Cross Country Series it gives me a good chance to chase some PB’s and practise on my diet – Lets see how it goes.

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